12 May 2021

Electric vehicle, or how to get rid of traffic!

Certainly many of us hit the traffic jam every day. A recent study tells us that, on average, in Bucharest, about 2-3 hours are lost daily on the way from home to work and back. Obviously, the study refers to those who use the car to go to the office.

If we make a trivial calculation, we find that in a year they waste more than 20 days sitting in traffic, in congestion or traffic lights. In this context, more than gloomy and in an era where everything is in speed, electric vehicles such as electric scooters or electric bicycles will dominate urban travel.

Whether you go to work, the park or shopping, the electric vehicle will be the best solution. It is fast, reliable, small in size, foldable and accessible to anyone. Using the electric scooter you can get anywhere much faster when you live in a crowded city. And where else do you take into account that you can also transport it by subway!

In addition to the time gained while traveling, it also adds the lack of accumulated stress in traffic. You can slip through the crowded cars, you can walk on the sidewalk or on the asphalt, you can choose the shortest route and thus, you can save time for yourself and for what you like. No matter which model of electric scooter you choose, you will only have to win and when you think that this solution is just a click away from you.

E-Boda and FreeWheel offer you several variants of electric scooters and electric bicycles, suitable for both you and your family, at affordable prices and with a variety of equipment. Here are our recommendations:  www.freewheel.ro.

We wish you peaceful walks and full of smiles!

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